What if communicating
with insurers
was fast and easy?

A ClaimDecision technology

A single solution with many benefits

You've done the quote and now you're waiting for authorisation to repair, or the news that you need to revise your quote.

EstImage helps you send timely quotes, receive electronic authority, manage jobs and send invoices for faster processing. Plus, it keeps customers informed of your progress, so that you get fewer incoming calls and better reviews once the job is done. Isn’t it time you got added visibility in the insurance marketplace to help boost your shop’s business?

It gets better. EstImage is very cost-effective and comes with unlimited support from technicians located right here in Australia. Over the phone, our techs will gladly help you to install the software, walk you through it and answer all your questions—at no extra charge. You even have the option of including promotional messages and photos of your shop, creating an online advertisement for your business.

To find out more about EstImage tools to support assessment decision-making, contact us.