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    What if you could speed up the claims process without compromising accuracy or quality?    

EstImage technology brings speed and accuracy to your claims process right from the Claim Lodgment. Our browser-based claim lodgment captures all the information you require on the insured and the vehicle, including: claim type; driver details; third party details; police and witness reports; vehicle location; and the extent of damage. And to help you give your policy holders a superior claims experience, our Locator feature quickly provides details on the closest repair shops with which you do business. Once the policy holder chooses a repairer, our Locator will automatically email a map, driving instructions and details about the shop to your customer.

Once the claim is initiated, EstImage automatically manages the details of the claim and repair process, in accordance with your company's specific business procedures. Through our unique Profile approach, you can activate automatic notifications and assign various event triggers, all with the goal of reducing bottlenecks and improving operational efficiency. We also adapt our on-line forms and screens to reflect your organization's typical workflows. Electronic Invoicing allows you to receive and process invoices electronically, compare them to initial quotes, and support adjustment or acceptance decisions in a batch process. And with a wide range of reporting options, you can analyze all of the information captured by EstImage. Here are just a few of the features that make EstImage the smart choice for auto insurance claims management:

  • Fast and easy electronic Claim Lodgment;
  • Immediate import of information from any certified Quoting System;
  • Interfaces with Glass's guide;
  • Capture of digital images, scanned documents, and supporting notes;
  • Part Comparison tool helps assessors obtain accurate part information;
  • Secure information that is time-stamped, with a clear trace of all modifications;
  • Electronic interface to support remote and on-road assessments;
  • Rapid electronic authority and adjustments;
  • Creation of final reports including assessment, total loss, and third party report;
  • Ability of information exchange with your insurance company's existing IT systems.