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What if you could reduce down-time and get faster approvals?

You've done the quote and now you're waiting for authorization to repair, or the news that you need to revise your quote. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly get electronic authority to go ahead with the repairs? That's what the shop version of EstImage is all about.

Our system lets you communicate quickly with insurers, providing a detailed quotation complete with digital images of the damage and your expert notes. EstImage interfaces with all certified quoting systems, and will automatically import the estimate details from whichever system you prefer. With a click of the mouse, the "paperwork" is done automatically and sent to the insurer. And that's better for you, because the next thing that happens is either an electronic approval to proceed, or a request for adjustment. Either way, you'll get your answer fast so you can get back to the business of smash repairs. And when the job is done, the EstImage invoicing module lets you submit an electronic invoice direct to the insurer so that it can be processed faster.

With EstImage, you're also more visible to potential customers. Shops that use EstImage are activated in our Locator. We quite literally put you on our map, complete with the details about your shop including any special expertise. You even have the option of including promotional messages and photos of your shop, creating an on-line advertisement.